Parenthood and Capitalism: Elevating Human Connection Over Profit

I have been heavily processing the role that the triple oppressions of patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy have played in my identity formation and in my relationships.

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The Crooked Tooth: Accepting Rejection

In recent months, the consistent feedback I have received regarding my work is that it’s “not the right fit.” More specifically I’ve received rejections that state my work “isn’t a fit this year with the theme and overall flow of the show” or “we decided another story was a better fit for our mix” or “what you’re making with these pieces is more on the artistic/edgy side.” 

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23rd #AllAmerican Portrait: Phi

First name: Phi

What does it mean to be American?

For me, being American means learning how to hold two completely contradictory narratives in one space.  It means trying to reconcile the ideals of justice, freedom, and equality to which we aspire with the reality that  our country is built and sustained on slavery, white supremacy, and erasure of people of color.  It means being grateful to the strangers who welcomed my refugee family to America with open arms and uplifted by their kindness while still deep down recognizing that this country has never wholly belonged to me. 
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21st #AllAmerican Portrait: Esther

First name: Esther

What does it mean to be American?

I believe that to be American is to be fundamentally tied to the struggles, the suffering, and the triumphs that compose the U.S. and its systems, culture, politics, and history. Americanness manifests in about as many forms as there are people in this country, but the common denominator lies in having been shaped by America – this weird, often dissonant, sometimes insidiously or beautifully harmonious amalgam of institutions, ideologies, peoples, and cultures, oppressive or resistive, public or private. We, as Americans, have identities born from and continually molded by the ways in which we interact and engage – not always consciously and not always of our own volition – with it. Continue reading “21st #AllAmerican Portrait: Esther”

Celebrating the First 20 #AllAmericanPortraits

What does it mean to be American? What makes America great?

This Valentine’s Day of 2018–the day that celebrates love–I want to celebrate the twenty lovely individuals who have so graciously agreed to be featured in #AllAmericanPortraits thus far. In doing so, they have helped us all to reflect upon what it means to be American and what makes America great.

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19th #AllAmerican Portrait: JJ

First name: JJ*

What does it mean to be American?

Being American means constantly coming to terms with our country’s past and present litany of injustices and figuring out how best to confront them; to constantly be honest with yourself and others around you about the inequalities that exist in this country and our role in perpetuating them; and finally, to always have the courage to stand up for what is right/be a social justice warrior at home and beyond.
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