25th #AllAmerican Portrait: Chasing Lovely

“Folk-pop duo Chasing Lovely combines haunting harmonies, powerful melodies, and insightful lyrics to create a truly captivating acoustic performance.”

Today, June 8th, the talented Korean-American sisters of the Atlanta-based band, Chasing Lovely, release their newest and timely single, “Speak Out.” Check it out here.  And read on below, as Chloe and Taylor share their individual insights into the questions of “What does it meant to be American?” and “What makes America great?”




First name: Chloe

What does it mean to be American?

Being American, to me, means that the United States is your home. However you got here and wherever you came from. To be American is to stand behind the ideals that the United States was founded on: Equality. Justice. Opportunity. Freedom. To be American is to have the freedom to disagree on what it means to be American.

What makes America great? 

I think the people make America great. All types of people and cultures and backgrounds find themselves here. We come here, and we stay here for the opportunities this nation was founded on. “American” generally does not describe a race, because we are almost all from somewhere else. We’re a nation of immigrants. (Not to disregard Native Americans who were here when this nation was “founded”—we can’t always talk about the ‘great’ aspects without looking at our dark history, y’all.) #StayWoke



Occupation: Musician/Artist

Any additional identities you want to indicate or other roles by which you identify yourself: Bachaterx/Salserx. Androgynous. Minimalist. Feminist. Activist. 

Learn more about Chloe:

  • Instagram: @chloturner



First name: Taylor

What does it mean to be American?

To be American means calling America home. It means believing in the fundamental principle that everyone should have the freedom to believe what they want to believe, say what they want to say, be who they want to be, and live how they want to live without fear of persecution or harm. Being American means embracing your identity. It means standing alongside people from all walks of life—ages, races, beliefs, political views—and committing to finding a way to understand each other, disagree respectfully, and prosper together. Being American means recognizing the power, influence, and opportunities we are afforded as a nation and collectively taking the responsibilities that come with that.

What makes America great? 

Our diversity. I think the more we surround ourselves with people who are different from us—listen to their stories and truly get to know them—the more colorful our world becomes. And while we all have different narratives and lenses through which we see the world, we share many of the same hopes, insecurities, desires, and dreams that come with being human.



Occupation: Musician

What is your race/ethnicity? Korean, English, Scottish, Dutch, Swiss/German

Where did you grow up? Minneapolis, MN

Do you claim a religion? No

Do you identify any particular interests such as hiking, reading, biking, etc.? Writing, reading, cooking/baking, traveling, hiking, fashion, photography, watercolor painting, hand lettering

Learn more about Taylor:

  • Instagram: @chasinglovely

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