15th #AllAmerican Portrait: Lillian

First name: Lillian

What does it mean to be American?

Growing up as a Korean American, I have always seen the “American” portion of my identity as a simple explanation to others stating that I was born in the USA. It was not until my twenties that I started realizing there were certain characteristics of myself that I categorized as the “American” side of me. Naturally, I am an introvert, shy, and do not like the lime light very much–traits that are stereotypically categorized as Asian. While I am naturally quiet, I am quite active and vocal when it comes to certain things that I am very passionate about in life–the American side of me. For example, when I became very active in fighting to relocate North Korean refugees, there were a lot of adults that were concerned for my safety and told me to stop and just “stay quiet.” Asians are always the “model Americans,” because we are taught to keep our heads down, blend, not cause attention, and just focus on ourselves. I guess to me, being American is about standing up for others, fighting for our beliefs, and trying to lend a helping hand when we can; using our privileges to help others that are not as privileged as us or in need of help.

What makes America great? 

America is great because of all the dreams that are brought to this country. Think about it–a lot of the famous restaurants or chefs that were produced in/from the United States were all started with a dream. Even if you ask people from all over the world, people name the United States to be their dream destination that holds their most desirable future. America used to the be the place of acceptance, and a safe place where people could pursue their dreams. It used to be the land of possibilities. People traveled here with their dreams and created beauty in this country. Dreams are what built this country and made it beautiful and great.



Occupation: Anatomy and physiology Teaching Assistant/Pre-Medical Student

What is your race/ethnicity? Do you claim a religion? Korean American Catholic Georgia Peach and Science Enthusiast




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